Aromatherapy Car Diffuser With 6 Refill Pads

$12.95 $15.00

Here's What Customers Say:

"These so exceeded any of my expectations. They are beautiful!!! And the quality is amazing. I have a German Shepherd who accompanies me almost everywhere in my car. While I didn't sense his scents, my family did!!! Now my car smells like peppermint and vanilla!!! I love riding in it!!! I plan on getting them as gifts for my whole family. Bring essential oils into your travels!! Win win for sure!" --Nantelle, NY

" This little gem was so beautifully packaged in a beautiful little mesh bag inside and then a guinea sack bag outside of that so it could be perfect to give as a gift I showed it to a friend of mine and she really wants one so I need to order more but it's a fantastic little item my son even liked it and wants one in his room but I bought them for the cars but it's well worth the money. I could sell these. I'll be ordering many more as gifts. Wonderful! -- Desiree, FL

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